African print part 2

Let’s talk about the color yellow! Most people are afraid to wear yellow because of how bright the color is and how stand out one can be wearing it! I used to be one of those people until I saw this dress and it was on sale on one the most popular African clothing store @Grass_fields . I had to have it and let me tell you am so glad I did. And check out these earrings from @bearosetoday (Be A Rose on Facebook)

Dress from @grass_fields

, a nonprofit organization based in Grand Rapids, Mi, whose mission is to help provide menstrual sanitary pads to women in need, so if you have some products you are not using and want to donate them, let me know! Christine, who started the nonprofit sells jewelries and used the funds for the nonprofit, how cool is that? The bracelets are from Etsy store called @BijouxMinuit, they are made out of beads that popular from tribe in Kenya and Tanzania known as Masai, I will do more post about this particular tribe and their jewelries later!!Check out the outfit below and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to click follow on my blog!


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